We Support Freedom Reigns Equine Therapy Ranch

A non-profit horse therapy organization offering services to Veterans, Law
Enforcement, EMT, and First Responders suffering from P.T.S.D. and other issues. This is
a form of therapy that involves interactions between patients and horses.This involves activities such as grooming, feeding, haltering and leading a horse with the help and support of a horse professional.

One of the best ways you can help support Freedom Reign's  mission is to sponsor one of the fabulous horses. Equestrian therapy is a wonderfully effective tool, but it comes at a significant cost. Along with providing barn space and staff to look after the animals, each horse requires a LOT of feed, regular visits from the veterinarian, and the services of our farrier. Basic care and feeding of a horse costs  over $4,000 per year, per horse.  Freedom Reigns is a non for profit organization,  and a Horse Sponsorship is a great way to make a meaningful contribution.