Sassy Stuff

Sassy Sampler


This sample pack contains an assortment of 13 different travel bars that you can use yourself or share with others.One of each soap we sell. There may be an occasional odd on however. 

Each travel bar comes wrapped in a plain kraft paper, with label on it so you can easily discover and identify your favorite scents. When your sample pack arrives, the scents will have mingled somewhat. As you use each bar of soap, the scent will quickly be identifiable.

The included scents may vary somewhat, but always include our most popular scents.

Men's Shaving Set


The art of shaving Is making a comeback! This special recipe is sure to be a favorite! Comes in a reusable container with shaving brush. $15

Womens Shaving Set


Who say smen get all the good stuff? This set is made for women shavers. It is lightly scented with a pink musk. Includes  a mini scrubbie. $15

Soaking Salts


Our Mineral Soaking Salts are everything you need to detoxify, relax, renew and completely indulge! We use Mediterranean Sea Salts as they are noted to naturally detoxify and promote minor muscle and joint relaxation. No fillers such either, just pure solar evaporated sea salts. We currently have two sizes. 6oz- $4.50 and 9oz. $6.50

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