Our Soapmaking Process


Sassy Nanny Goat milk soaps are made with goat milk straight from the farm! Each small batch is hand made with the very best ingredients available, with many of the ingredients raised right here! We grow our produce and flowers without pesticides and baaad stuff! Our animals are raised on pasture without antibiotics.. Farm raised Farm fresh!

First I line the molds!

Line the Molds

 Once the soaps are made they cure in the mold for two days. After two days the loaf is cut into bars and the bars are transferred to the "drying" rack.... Every step of this process is done by hand! 

the rack

Time to cure!

After we cut our soaps, we let them cure for six weeks! We then hand package them to be sent out to you! Also, for hygienic purposes, each bar is individually shrink wrapped to ensure a clean, high quality product! 

We take great pride in our soap. We constantly strive to use the best, most nourishing ingredients. In fact Nubian dairy goat’s milk has the most butterfat content of all dairy goat breeds. More butter fat makes everything better, right? Our soap is all handmade and uses just goat milk for the liquid, no water at all in our soaps. Our soap contains  simple natural fats and oils,  along with essential oils and a few fragrance oils for the ones who seem to like it;) 

Try some of our soap.  Your skin will thank you for it!