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Hello! My name is Melisha Kay and I am so glad you made it to this  website! When most people hear that the Sassy Nanny not only sells wonderful farm fresh soaps and goodies, but also teaches others to prepare for the future, they are a little shocked. It has been a passion of mine through my entire life. I have no idea, but even as a child I would stock food and supplies away like a little packrat! As I grew older, though raised in a loving Christian home, I began to question everything. As I made my fair share of mistakes, they ultimately led me back to a relationship with Jesus Christ that is unmatched with anything I have ever known. In 2013 I began to feel a pull to begin preparing for a major disaster, what I don't know, but I was led as well to TEACH others to do the same. This is what my dual goal is here...try to  prepare our household for the days ahead here on earth, and as well, our souls for the rest of eternity!   We can all agree that our bodies will eventually return to the dust, but our souls never die, they are eternal..  So how do we prepare for that?  Right here today, wherever you find yourself, do whatever it takes to get an understanding of God. Get to know and love Him, and He who has always known and loved you will start a real relationship with you, with me…each one of us, individually.  Because it is all about relationship...NOT religion.  As we accept Christ, we are then adopted into a family like none we might have never known before.  The Father loves you wants to have a real relationship with you,  even with your past mistakes.  There is not one perfect person walking this earth today. We ALL fall short of the glory of God! 


So ultimately, this is our vision and goal.  We want to help you not only prepare for future events coming to earth, but also prepare your hearts for eternity with Almighty!   If you need a place to start, and have never received a copy of the Holy Bible, contact us below and we’ll send you one . You don’t have to pay for it!  All you have to do is ask.  We would love to hear from you today!

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